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Production & sustainability


The production of textiles - from cotton cultivation to the finished product - is a complex process. Many people are involved. At KAYA&KATO, we pay attention to the highest quality and fair conditions in the production of our workwear. We do not pass on our responsibility at the national border. To this end, we work with partners who prioritize people and the environment in textile production.  

We produce our clothing in Europe, mainly in Portugal, and the fabrics we buy are comprehensively certified. Beyond the certifications, it is particularly important to us that we know all of our partners and suppliers personally. That's why we don't rely solely on seals and certificates. We want to know who harvests the cotton, how and where it is grown, where the fabrics are spun and where our workwear is sewn. To do this, we regularly travel to our suppliers and partners on site. We document this in our blockchain. This allows our customers and partners to trace the supply chain transparently. 

Our certifications



Since our foundation, we have been working to minimize the environmental footprint of our activities. We have been offsetting our goods transportation and business travel since 2017. Our customer deliveries are made exclusively via DHL GoGreen. In production, we use organic cotton that saves as much CO₂ as possible and develop innovative blended fabrics that also have less impact on the environment and use recycled plastic waste from the sea: This is how our Clean Ocean collection was created. 

However, in order to produce textiles fairly from an ecological and social point of view and thus act sustainably for people and nature, we have to do more. That's why we label our products with the ClimatePartner Label, which allows you to track the processes and find out more about our commitment. In this way, we contribute to the greatest possible transparency about the climate friendliness of our company and products. 

Calculation of CO₂ emissions

We have recorded the CO₂ emissions of our company and products in collaboration with ClimatePartner and created the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) and the Product Carbon Food (PCF): from heating and energy consumption to employee travel, business trips and office supplies. We have also calculated the raw materials, packaging, logistics and disposal for our products, i.e. our upstream and downstream supply chain.

Avoid and reduce

Wherever possible, we avoid and reduce these CO₂ emissions. We use green electricity in our head office and are currently working on expanding our production site in Portugal so that we can further reduce emissions from our delivery routes. We have restructured and improved waste separation in our head office and developed strategies for avoiding paper. We regularly update our CCF and PCF and thus have an overview of the success of our measures.

Offsetting CO₂ emissions through a climate protection project

We compensate all unavoidable CO₂ emissions by supporting climate protection projects. This is why we are a climate-friendly company and our products are too. Climate protection projects save CO₂ - for example with reforestation measures or by replacing climate-damaging technologies with climate-friendly alternatives.


The equation is simple: we have consumed 503 tons of CO₂ with our products and our company as a whole, which is the equivalent of 1,563,273 kilometers driven by car. A single fast fashion T-shirt alone travels an average of 18,000 km from raw material extraction to sale. For the emissions that we have caused with our production and our company as a whole, just 87 Fast Fashion T-shirts travel to the store by conventional means.


Our declaration of principles defines our shared values, goals and principles, which serve as a guide for our actions. Here you can find out what drives us, what convictions we share and how we fulfill our responsibility towards our employees, customers, partners and society. Our policy statement is an important document that defines our identity and purpose as an organization. Click here or on the image below to read the full policy statement and learn more about who we are and what we stand for.

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