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Clean Ocean

What if you could remove plastic waste
from the ocean by buying workwear?

Our fabrics with recycled polyester

To meet the extreme demands of industrial laundering, KAYA&KATO also manufactures products from polyester-cotton blends. To offer a more sustainable option than existing market solutions, the company has worked with a Spanish fabric manufacturer to develop organic cotton-polyester fabrics that use recycled plastic waste from the ocean for the polyester. In each metre of fabric, 13.6 PET bottles of plastic waste are reused and recycled. This saves 23,7% CO² and 25% energy. 

What started small in Spain has now grown considerably, with initiatives in numerous European and non-European countries participating in the recycling of plastic waste from the sea and its tributaries. In 2021, KAYA&KATO will fill this initiative with more partners and initiatives.

The process

The waste is fished out of the sea.

The plastic is recycled into granules.

The granules are processed into polyester yarn.

The polyester yarn is woven with other natural and ecological fibres.

The fibres are dyed ecologically.

Our Ocean Clean favorites

Reuse plastic waste sensibly: This is the philosophy of KAYA&KATO. We produce workwear with sustainable standards. We develop special fabrics for the hotel and catering industry from a blended fabric with recycled polyester.

- 23,7%

25% energy

13.6 PET bottles

Unsere Clean Ocean-Kollektion produzieren wir in Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Partnern:   
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