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A Behind-the-Scenes Look: "In Foreign Kitchens" with KAYA&KATO

 A Behind-the-Scenes Look: "In Foreign Kitchens" with KAYA&KATO -  A Behind-the-Scenes Look: "In Foreign Kitchens" with KAYA&KATO

KAYA&KATO is embarking on a new adventure that takes us directly into the hearts and souls of various culinary gems. We have decided to open the doors to the culinary world and provide a unique glimpse into the stories behind the counters. Welcome to "In Other Kitchens" and "Behind Other Counters."

The idea behind the project
At KAYA&KATO, our mission is not only to create innovative and sustainable workwear but also to build a community that supports and celebrates people in the gastronomy industry. With the video series "In Other Kitchens" and "Behind Other Counters," we aim to tell the stories that often get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We visit restaurants, cafes, and bars that wear our workwear and take a behind-the-scenes look.

Exciting insights and background information
Our visits are shared as engaging reels on our Instagram account, offering more than just visual impressions. The interviews provide a unique glimpse behind the scenes, telling stories of passion and commitment, and bringing us closer to the people who make the restaurants, cafes, and bars what they are. The videos are not just a tribute to sustainable workwear but, more importantly, to the people who work with dedication and heart in the gastronomy industry every day. "In Other Kitchens" and "Behind Other Counters" open doors to personal stories and create a connection between viewers and gastronomy professionals.

The important role of workwear
Workwear is more than just practical attire. It is an expression of a locale's identity and creativity. During our visits, we conduct inspiring interviews with the owners, where they share what workwear means to them personally. We want to know what they expect from their clothing, the requirements it must meet, and how it contributes to the ambiance of their establishment.

Join us on our journey through the diversity of gastronomy and take a behind-the-scenes look with us. KAYA&KATO – together for a sustainable and inspiring future in the gastronomy industry!

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