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Bologna - On the road with Uta Gleiser

Bologna - On the road with Uta Gleiser  - Bologna - On the road with Uta Gleiser

There is a saying that goes, "Food is an art that reaches the stomach." No place embodies this statement better than the charming city of Bologna, Italy. The city is known not only for its historic buildings and cultural significance, but also for its culinary treasures that make the heart of every foodie beat faster. Uta Gleiser has packed her camera in addition to her appetite, of course, and set off on a culinary voyage of discovery to Bologna, showing us in atmospheric pictures what makes this city so special.

Bologna, also known as "La Grassa" (the fat one), is the capital of the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. This region is famous for its exquisite cuisine and Bologna is undoubtedly the culinary center. The emotions of Italian cuisine are omnipresent and palpable here.

One of the most famous specialties is, of course, the famous Bolognese sauce or "Ragù alla Bolognese". Unlike the usual version, which is often served with spaghetti, Bolognese in Bologna is traditionally combined with tagliatelle. The slow-braised flavors of the tomatoes, meat and spices combine to create a rich, silky sauce that melts in your mouth and is a true delight. The people of Bologna are proud of their tradition of pasta making. Here you will find numerous artisan pasta workshops where pasta is made with the utmost care and dedication. From the classic tortellini filled with delicate ham and Parmesan cheese to the thin, delicate lasagna sheets, the variety of pasta in Bologna is almost endless.

The love of food and the emotions associated with it are also reflected in the famous Bologna sausages. Mortadella, a large, delicately flavored sausage with tender pink meat and small pieces of fat, is a specialty that must be tasted. It's a taste that brings back memories of childhood and family gatherings and shows that good food touches not only the stomach but also the heart. After all, the emotionality of Italian cuisine goes beyond mere taste. It's about spending time with family and loved ones, enjoying a meal together, and honoring the culinary traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Bologna, with its rich culinary history and passionate devotion to food, is undoubtedly a place unlike any other. A trip to Bologna is a journey to the roots of Italian cuisine, a journey that awakens the senses and makes the emotions dance. Uta Gleiser has captured this feeling for us so authentically that you can't help but already look forward to a big serving of pasta. Buon appetito!

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