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Fashionable Mastery at Work

Fashionable Mastery at Work - Fashionable Mastery at Work

KAYA&KATO's Dorint Collection Takes Center Stage in Paris

The creative hub of Paris is set to witness a unique fashion revolution at the end of January, as the renowned portrait and nude photographer Stefan Rappo turns his lens to workwear. We eagerly announce the unveiling of the new Dorint Collection, created in collaboration with the talented designer Bernd Keller.

Unique Fusion of Functionality and Style
Designer Bernd Keller, renowned for his experience with fashion giants like Hugo Boss and Puma, has teamed up with KAYA&KATO and Dorint CEO Jörg Böckeler to design a collection that not only meets the highest quality and design standards but also represents a unique fusion of functionality, modern design, and sustainability. Workwear is no longer seen merely as protection but as an expression of fashion and identity.

Designer Bernd Keller and KAYA&KATO Founder Stefan Rennicke

Spotlight on the Creative Hub of Paris
The photoshoot in Paris, led by Stefan Rappo, former assistant to Peter Lindbergh, will elevate KAYA&KATO's workwear to a new, photographic fashion level. The anticipation of the revolutionary fusion of workwear and fashion promises to redefine standards in the industry. Playing with light, shadows, contours, and perspectives resembles high fashion more than professional attire.

"This upcoming shoot is another milestone for us at KAYA&KATO in redefining workwear," says Stefan Rennicke, founder of KAYA&KATO. The collection will not only embody style and elegance but also make a strong statement for sustainability and eco-conscious fashion. The transparent supply chain via blockchain and the incorporation of recycled plastic waste from the ocean into the fabrics are just a few examples.

A New Era of Workwear Approaches
The collection will stylishly dress the team at Dorint Hotels from 2024 onwards and set a new standard for fashionable workwear. We are gearing up to usher in a new era of workwear where style, elegance, and function seamlessly merge. The upcoming photoshoot and collaboration with renowned designers and photographers not only mark a pinnacle in KAYA&KATO's history but also signify a turning point in the perception of workwear in the fashion industry.

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