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Tape That: When Tape becomes Art

 Tape That: When Tape becomes Art -  Tape That: When Tape becomes Art

Adrian Dittert capturing moments at the Tape That Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan (Photo: Laurenz Bostedt)

Graffiti often garners attention on the streets, but what if art is created with tape? Tape That – the artist collective based in Berlin and Cologne – is dedicated to this unconventional technique, conquering the art scene with abstract works that resemble drawings made by a digital pen. They have significantly influenced the development of this young art form internationally, organizing events like the Tape Art Convention. Alongside numerous spectacular projects, the collective has also adorned the Motel One Am Hackeschen Markt in Berlin with its tape art.

What is Tape Art?
Tape Art transcends being merely a style; it's a new creative approach that swiftly evolves in various styles. The collective has celebrated the art of tape in over 40 countries, introducing people to a unique form of urban art. Unlike traditional paintings, Tape Art is not primarily executed on canvases. It can adorn walls, shape objects, or become expansive installations. The special charm lies in the "digital touch" that tape, as a medium, enables. "Tape has a very graphic basic character. With no other medium is it so easy to draw long, straight lines that are so clean," says Nicolas Lawin, an artist from the collective, in an interview.

Tape Art in Gastronomy and Hospitality
In gastronomy and hospitality, Tape Art opens new dimensions of aesthetic design. Motel One at Hackescher Markt decided to integrate Tape That's impressive works into its premises. The abstract works seamlessly blend into the hotel's urban space, lending it a unique atmosphere. The fusion of modern tape art with Motel One's contemporary design creates a special symbiosis of art and hospitality.

Tape Art at Motel One (Lobby) by Nicolas Lawin and Stephan Meissner (Photo: Adrian Dittert)

Whether in Cologne, Berlin, New York, Kuwait, Taipei, or Tokyo, the collective has long paved its way into the international art market with their tape rolls.

A Selection of Tape That Installations and Murals

  1. Artcaden in Berlin (2017): Tape That transformed a 300-square-meter space in an abandoned mall in Berlin into an artwork. The "camouflage corners" with various designs extended from the walls to the floor to the ceiling, allowing visitors to become part of the artwork by wearing specially designed clothing.
  2. Tape Art Around The World in Cuba (2019): In collaboration with the German Embassy in Havana, Tape That decorated the facades of containers at the Fabrica De Arte Cubano in Cuba with woven typography and colorful 3D line art.
  3. Clash of Styles – Cube Parkhaus Leverkusen (2023): The interior of the 8-story parking garage became the canvas for their unique tape art, giving each level a distinctive design.

Tape Art Installation at Artcaden Exhibition, Berlin by Stefan Busch (Photo: Adrian Dittert)

Experience Tape Art live and get creative yourself
Those interested in delving into the world of Tape Art can participate in the Tape Art Academy's monthly individual workshops in Berlin or contact the collective for group workshops and team-building sessions.

I TAPE NY by Tape That (Photo: Adrian Dittert)

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