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Why, how, what for?

A frequently asked question: What does the name KAYA&KATO actually mean? When searching for our company name, we were inspired by two aspects: design and versatility. The name had to be distinctive, cool in design, unique, and at the same time, it had to avoid contravening on any trademark rights.

Our founder, Stefanie Rennicke, was born in Japan. A look at Japan reveals a diverse design scene with a simple, minimalist style. With this in mind, the company name should have a Japanese feel, which can also be reflected in the logo and design in a modern and contemporary way. Our clothing is clear, minimalist, and elegant.

A second aspect of the company name KAYA&KATO is versatility. KAYA is an international first name, a place in Uganda, a tree. We offer this versatility in our textiles as well: internationally applicable workwear, organic cotton from Uganda, protection of people and nature. The name KATO is the design counterpart and is mainly found in Japan: as a city, province, and brand.


Our brand name reflects all these aspects. It stands for openness, versatility, and distinctive design. And we love it. Being part of KAYA&KATO means: Being part of the difference.

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