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Why we are skipping Black Week and what we do instead

Why we are skipping Black Week and what we do instead - Why we are skipping Black Week and what we do instead

This year, we’re doing things differently—we’re not participating in Black Week. No Black Friday. No extra sales. Why? Because we believe that conscious decisions make a difference. Our focus is on acting as sustainably, socially, and fairly as possible for both people and the environment. In our eyes, Black Week contradicts these principles, as it often exacerbates overproduction and environmental impact, especially in the textile industry.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword
Our decision to skip Black Week is based on a deeper understanding of sustainability. For us, sustainable production means not only using eco-friendly materials but also designing production processes that do not lead to excessive consumption and waste. Black Week, on the other hand, often promotes a “bargain” mentality, leading to impulsive consumption and increased demand for products that are not always produced under ethically sound conditions.

The community decides
Our mission is to make a difference. We aim not only to produce high-quality, sustainable workwear but also to make conscious decisions that positively impact our world. Instead of getting caught up in the frenzy of Black Week, we’ve chosen to take a different path.

Rather than offering discounts and special deals, we asked our community which environmental project we should support instead. The decision was clear: forest and wilderness conservation in Germany was chosen as the project that will receive a portion of the revenue from this week.

We are excited to contribute to the preservation of our local forests and wilderness areas together with our community. Germany is rich in natural diversity that needs protection. The donations from this week will help preserve habitats, protect biodiversity, and promote sustainable forest management.

By foregoing our Black Week offers, you are part of this conscious decision. Part of the difference. Together, we can show that it is possible to prioritize sustainable values over short-term deals. #bepartofthedifference is more than just a hashtag—it is a commitment to making a conscious and positive impact. Together, we are shaping a future where sustainability, social responsibility, and fair production are at the forefront. Let’s make a difference together.

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