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Der Player - A Successful All-Around Concept

Der Player - A Successful All-Around Concept - Der Player - A Successful All-Around Concept

In the world of gastronomy, there are always concepts that stand out for being unique, bold, and extraordinary. Such a place can be found in Hamburg's Altona district: Der Player. If you haven’t heard of this spot yet, you’re missing out. Behind the name lies a food and entertainment venue like no other. Not only can you enjoy fine dining at its best, but you can also spend the rest of your evening or night in a modern, surprising, and exceptional environment. Eat, drink, work, play: all this is possible here in a tastefully designed setting. In addition to the stylish restaurant with an open kitchen, Der Player features a large bar, a New Work Club, and the absolute highlight: the in-house Playground – an adult playground. The entire second floor is dedicated to relaxation and fun, with foosball tables, table tennis, a DJ booth, cozy seating areas, and even a life-size boules court. It’s a unique place and an entertainment all-in-one package.

In our video series "In fremden Küchen" ("In Other Kitchens") or "Hinter fremden Theken" ("Behind Other Counters"), we visit establishments that use KAYA&KATO workwear. We take a look behind the scenes and talk to the people who have turned their passion into their profession.

Location: Der Player, Hamburg
Interviewee: Jonas Straube, Head Chef

Where does the name "Der Player" come from?
Our concept brings together elements from our Playground upstairs. Every weekend we have a DJ playing, a large bar, and many games – we often call it the "playground for adults." The combination with our aromatic, intense cuisine downstairs creates an experience for the guest.

What makes Der Player so special?
What makes Der Player special is definitely the overall concept, because there’s nothing like it in the city. We wanted to capture a bit of New York, a bit of London. And we want to give guests the opportunity to not have to look for a second location after a good meal.

What makes good workwear?
It’s important that it’s durable and comfortable to wear. It’s nice and light, not a thick, heavy fabric. And of course, the look: we have an open kitchen, every guest can see us, and we want to look good.

What should one definitely try at your place?
It’s best to start with our brioche, which we bake fresh every day, with whipped butter – we don’t have the usual bread before the meal, but freshly baked brioche for every guest – add a nice oyster, and then just let the menu guide you.

Want to see more? Watch the full video here.

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