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Dorint Hotels in a New Look

Dorint Hotels in a New Look - Dorint Hotels in a New Look

Workwear goes Fashion: We proudly present the new workwear collection for Dorint Hotels. Under the guidance of Dorint Chef Jörg Böckeler, we have developed a collection for our employees in close collaboration with designer Bernd Keller that not only catches the eye but also sets new environmental standards in the industry.

White, Parchment, Coffee, Chambray, and Marine – that's the color palette behind the new workwear. Following Dorint management's commitment to prioritize the well-being of employees in the workplace, the team can choose from a range of differently colored chinos, t-shirts, work jackets, and blazers in a modern look. For the ladies, there is also a discreet long dress to match the color palette.

Ensuring the highest level of comfort is also an absolute must for KAYA&KATO founder Stefan Rennicke. "Since the inception of our company, we regularly survey employees about their wants and needs in the workplace. We then incorporate these into our collection so that, alongside functionality, the experience of wearing the clothing is one of comfort."

Stylish Workwear in the Era of Industrial Laundry

Sustainability is ingrained in the DNA of KAYA&KATO. One challenge is consistently incorporating recycled materials that are also suitable for industrial laundry. For Bernd Keller, this was an entirely new experience: "In collaboration with KAYA&KATO, we have succeeded in developing an industrial laundry-compatible collection that meets the latest design standards, is functional, and is proudly worn by employees," says the designer.

Thanks to KAYA&KATO's expertise, innovative fabrics that withstand rigorous washes could be used. The collection also integrates our Clean Ocean concept, where we recycle plastic waste from the oceans.

Our new collection was photographed in Paris by the creative portrait and nude photographer Stefan Rappo. A former friend and colleague of Peter Lindbergh, Rappo sheds new light on workwear through this new staging. Thus, workwear is elevated to a new photographic fashion level, redefining industry standards.

Of course, the new workwear is designed to provide the highest level of comfort even during daily job challenges and looks good in all sizes – workwear that our employees truly feel comfortable in.

Photos: Stefan Rappo

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