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Workwear in the Era of Industrial Laundry

Workwear in the Era of Industrial Laundry - Workwear in the Era of Industrial Laundry

No Washing, No Ironing – A Preferred Choice for Many in the Hospitality Industry
Many employers in the hotel, restaurant, and catering sectors prefer not to deal with washing or ironing. That's why numerous companies turn to rental leasing services. These providers offer comprehensive logistical solutions: purchasing clothing from manufacturers and renting it out to businesses. As part of their customer service, they handle washing and minor repairs of the clothing.

The KAYA&KATO Approach to Rental Leasing
KAYA&KATO also collaborates with rental leasing companies and has learned a lot since its founding. Pure cotton fabrics, which we would prefer for sustainability reasons, do not withstand the rigors of industrial washing. This is why workwear often looks uninspired, using the same types of fabrics repeatedly. Our challenge as a sustainable company was to develop new, durable fabrics that can withstand daily wear and tear for many years. The fabrics need to be resilient while maintaining quality and shape.

Stylish, Sustainable, Durable & Comfortable
Is it possible to create a chic, modern collection that is also sustainable under these conditions? Recycled fabrics, in particular, rarely endure the demanding wash cycles required by leasing companies for hotel linens. But it is possible. At KAYA&KATO, we invested significant time and expertise to further develop our fabrics in close collaboration with the textile service provider Elis. We adapted the processes to ensure the clothing looks good after washing and can withstand the rigorous demands of industrial laundries.

The Result: Modern Workwear with a Sustainable Focus
The result is a contemporary workwear collection with a sustainable ethos, suitable for rental laundry services. A standout feature of this collection is the inclusion of the KAYA&KATO Clean Ocean concept, which focuses on recycling ocean plastic waste. We are excited to have customers like Dorint, Otto, Siemens, and Aramark who share our philosophy and enthusiasm for our concept. They all embrace our motto: Be #partofthedifference.

Photos: Stefan Rappo

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